Monday, December 6, 2010

Hmmmmmmm at H&M

It felt like a dream.  I was stuck in the mall shortly before it opened, with a big fat happy wallet exploding with roughly 700 shekels within a nude leather studded Zara bag buckle away.  It was lovely.  Then it turned into a nightmare.
After my sister abandoned me in favor of vitamins and hitching rides, I naively wandered into the stores I mainly go into with a stupidly giddy grin: H&M, Zara, TwentyFourSeven (doesn't that remind you of obnoxious word games from 2nd grade)?, Mango.  And then I wandered into them another time.  And another time.  And another time.  To not bore you with delightfully unentertaining mall travels, I went into these stores and at least 15 other stores whose names aren't chic and foreign enough to be mentioned at a minimum of literally 8 times.  8 times.  And I started a sentence with a number.  And I repeated repetition once again.
Once (or twice for that matter) of repeatedly cavilirally (is that even a word?) entering H&M I spotted a beige knit dress in a section which I had never gone in before.  What I really wanted was something to  feed my Stevie Nicks vibes, but life is hard for a girl who likes oversize.  So I bought it.  Later when I walked in for another time, I saw a sleeved black lace minidress and it was gorgeous and my size.  But it was in the last season's section so if I wanted a different size I couldn't get it and 1/3 more expensive than the dress that I bought before, so I didn't even try it on.
After I went home all happy and famished, I checked the knit dress and I found out that I bought it in THE MATERNITY SECTION IN
Now I'm having insane dreams that revolve around the lace dress and I can't decide if to return this one or not.  I know I look like a serial killer, but a serial killer with adorable oxfords!  Check them out with this better shot:

So what is your verdict about the dress that I got?  Should I return it or not?  You decide.  (haha I can't believe I said that so corny).

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  1. omigod! i need to know what happened with this!

    btw you're not the only one who bought maternity clothes by mistake. I bought a maternity top thinking it was a mini dress once. oops.

    following your blog now!