Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cover of Rolling Stone

Ok I was looking in the the list on the Rolling Stone (magazine, to those of you who are immune to plurals) website, and they had this list of "Leading Ladies on the cover of Rolling Stone".  Being the idiot that I am I thought, "oh cool" so I checked out.  I found it to be so offensive.  Approximately 4 out of the 24 (an eighth) covers that were shown were NOT trying to sell these actress's insane amount of sexiness.  All the other 20 covers were showered with headlines like "The Naughty Ways of Drew Barrymore" or "Angelina Jolie, Devil Doll".  I believe these women have a lot more to offer than their apparent promiscuity and what lies underneath those strategically placed hands.  I mean, Nicole Kidman won an Oscar!  Having these covers either means that they believe that this is all these women have to offer, or they think it's an easy way to attract readers.  Rolling Stone is not "Penthouse" or even "Maxim"!  It's a music/culture magazine dammit!  Respect women!