Monday, December 6, 2010

The wonders of HUMMA HUMMA

Have I ever told you of the wonders of Humma beads?  I made these for my cousins, who of course broke them five seconds in while I was doing a slow mo crying session worthy of 3rd rock.  Haha my favorite sitcom, Dick is hilarious.
I have done many humma beads works, and I will hopefully continue posting them once I can make them into jewelry.

Hmmmmmmm at H&M

It felt like a dream.  I was stuck in the mall shortly before it opened, with a big fat happy wallet exploding with roughly 700 shekels within a nude leather studded Zara bag buckle away.  It was lovely.  Then it turned into a nightmare.
After my sister abandoned me in favor of vitamins and hitching rides, I naively wandered into the stores I mainly go into with a stupidly giddy grin: H&M, Zara, TwentyFourSeven (doesn't that remind you of obnoxious word games from 2nd grade)?, Mango.  And then I wandered into them another time.  And another time.  And another time.  To not bore you with delightfully unentertaining mall travels, I went into these stores and at least 15 other stores whose names aren't chic and foreign enough to be mentioned at a minimum of literally 8 times.  8 times.  And I started a sentence with a number.  And I repeated repetition once again.
Once (or twice for that matter) of repeatedly cavilirally (is that even a word?) entering H&M I spotted a beige knit dress in a section which I had never gone in before.  What I really wanted was something to  feed my Stevie Nicks vibes, but life is hard for a girl who likes oversize.  So I bought it.  Later when I walked in for another time, I saw a sleeved black lace minidress and it was gorgeous and my size.  But it was in the last season's section so if I wanted a different size I couldn't get it and 1/3 more expensive than the dress that I bought before, so I didn't even try it on.
After I went home all happy and famished, I checked the knit dress and I found out that I bought it in THE MATERNITY SECTION IN
Now I'm having insane dreams that revolve around the lace dress and I can't decide if to return this one or not.  I know I look like a serial killer, but a serial killer with adorable oxfords!  Check them out with this better shot:

So what is your verdict about the dress that I got?  Should I return it or not?  You decide.  (haha I can't believe I said that so corny).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

forman band

My parents have absolutely no sense of timing: I'm 25 years too late for Woodstock.  I know, it contradicts the punk ideology (which is utter bullshit) blah blah blah.  But I miss a time when peace was considered to be badass and rung to the sound of the soul and well.....vitamins.  I am a girl who says yes to boys who say no.  I think that some of the artists at the time (picture here Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Joan Baez, Roger Daltrey) were the best of the best and remain undefeated to this day.  Not to mention the fact that they had really good taste.  (Fringe, fur,tie dye suede, and nudity anyone?)  And just to flatter myself, I think I look a bit like the lovely Grace Slick, hence the blurry pics which unfortunately didn't show that very well.  I also showed my now only 10 pound cat, Fatso the feline, to remind her that she is very lucky to be with me and not on Janis Joplin's head.  (Btw, I know that not all these pictures are from Woodstock, but everyone shown here except for me and Fatso were present.)