Friday, November 19, 2010

Stevie Nicks (yes that Stevie Nicks!) and Taylor Swift at the Grammy's

Stevie Nicks:
A legend, a fashion icon, a songwriter, a beauty, and the woman embodying one of the greatest female rock voices of all time.
That is my view of Stevie in a nutshell.  Man, oh, man I love her.  I'm borderline obsessed with her.  There's just something so celestial about her, I know it's ironic with the witch vibes and all, but still.
Once in a million years a lady like her rises.
Truthfully, I liked it more in the 70's when she had that luscious wavy hair, but you gotta watch this video (I've stuck it on to the post before this one).  It's ethereal.

With that said, I know shes aged with the years, but to me shes still divine.  Someone who I don't find divine is Taylor Swift.
Sure, Tayla is pwetty, can play guitaw, drwesses weally pwettily, and wites her own songs, but she doesn't have what Stevie has: depth.

What I found to be sad is that the two blondes were put together on the same stage, and one was more dominant than the other.  Taylor's pitch was a little off even in her own song, but what was really horrifying was that Stevie only got to sing one verse of her own song signature song, Rhiannon.  Then Taylor stomped all over it.  Her voice and her hair alike were all over the place.  And it gets worse: Stevie did backup on Taylor's shitty song.  Backup I tell you, backup!
Wonder what you think know about giving Taylor those four awards now, deaf Grammy grannies!

I'm sorry, Stevie and Taylor do not belong together.

(P.S. If you want to see the crime, click the video above this post.  Comment away!)

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  1. Yes! Stevie Nicks forever!

    no im not gonna watch that video, hate songs being butchered. :(