Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Cameron Crowe movie (sort of)

So I wrote at the beginning that I was a huge Almost Famous fan.  Makes me feel rock n' roll running through my veins.  Also makes me want to talk about nonexistant experiences that happened to me back in the seventies.  Of course, my mom did that job for me.

After returning from a friends house at quarter past midnight (I'm wordy like that), I suddenly felt like watching for the first time "Singles", a movie by Cameron Crowe, who I had naively decided that I like based on one good movie.

This is not to discourage you, dear open-hearted reader who happened to fall upon a new blog and pitied them.  In fact, I really enjoyed it.  The music kind of really really really really worked for me (I would have killed to be at a live Alice in Chains concert) but it made it slightly outdated, not that I can blame them it was at the time that this was still really cool and new.  But the sweet and quirky romances were delightful, simple yet meaningful.
In fact you can say that "Singles" has changed my life.  I will now stop saying my normal conceited "gazundtai" and look romantically into my elevator buddy's eyes and say:

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  1. just looked it up, and am thinking i will probably have to see it just for matt dillon's hair :P

    but i always like that kind of grungy style from the 90s and stuff about the music scene.